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NMM Southern Family Day at Cherating Bay Resort , 2-3 July 2011

We were certainly back in town again!  NMM Southern had geared up to gather all the family members at the Cherating Bay Resort, Pahang as the Annual Family gathering spot for the year of 2011…

The main objective of this event is to strengthen the comradeship between staffs and family members. Accompanied by the soothe sea breeze of the South China Sea , the  Cherating Bay Resort promises a unique experience that cheers and excites everyone in enjoying the beach activities.

This latest annual family gathering can be said dissimilar form the previous years in terms of the participants and the activities . This year family day is welcome 4 new member  in the company plus a newly bride, Khairul Faizal Sepian and his beloved wife to join together and enliven the gathering. There are many exciting activities and games such as ‘Terompah Gergasi’, Beach soccer, Tug of War, Coconut Bowling and ‘Egg Throwing’ been  planned for the staffs, spouse and children.

There were a lot of fun and hell broke loose in the day.  The competitions were between the sports committee and social committee of the SRO office. In the end, the Sports Committee Team overwhelmed the Social Committee Team and emerged as overall champion with an aggregate 3-1.

During the night, a Barbeque dinner with lots of food were served. In addition, a  karaoke contest was organized to uncover the hidden talents of the NMM SRO employees and all staff are ‘forced’  to participate in it. Melodious song were rendered, though some husky and plait voices were heard that night, everybody seems enjoying the event. Lucky draws were also held and Mahizan was the luckiest with an “Oven” to remember..and last but not least, Abdul Rahim Shafie, our Contract Manager was the best singer of the night…

The photos attached shown happy and satisfied faces of each and every one of the Opus Southern NMM’s member during the activities that were held in the Cherating Bay Resort on 2-3 July 2011..Hopefully another Family Day outing will be planned next year…See Ya in 2012!

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The first round of OPUS  NMM Badminton Super Series Yong Peng  Championships 2011 was held at Sing Keong Arena , Yong Peng  (28th February 2011). Top seeded players finally showed up on the courts and audiences were excited to see their world class plays.

Hosted by NMM SRO Sports club, the OPUS  NMM Badminton Super Series Yong Peng  Championships 2011 amongst players from the NMM SRO Sports Team VS NMM SRO Social Team who will be out to impress ahead of the 2011 NMM OPUS Badminton Super Series Games that will be held in Bertam Penang.

Nmm SRO Sport team had beaten NMM SRO Social team with 3-1  aggregate securing the title for OPUS  NMM Badminton Super Series Yong Peng Championships.

Below was the full results of Men and Mixed Double , 

First game Men  doubles,  Mohd Ezrii Rumin and Koh Chee Kwi won over Sathiananda Rao pair with Mahizan Ahmad. This victory became NMM SRO Sport Team first step to the title.

 Following by the second game, pair Mohd Noh Kormin and Basri Husin won over against Abd Manaf Idris partner with Khairul Faisal Sepian.

The third game En Zulkhairi Hasan patnering with Zulkifli Othman had defeated Mohd Sahril Dolhadi pair with Gunasekaran.


The game all waiting for, mixed double where pair Zunaiddy Mohd Zain  and Pn Ramlah Abd Rahman had won against En Abd Rahim Shafie partnering with Siti Zulaiha Norizan.

OPUS NMM Southern is very proud and thrilled to be an official sponsor of these tournaments.

Here some pictures taken from the tournament

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OPUS NMM Southern New Office

Opus NMM Southern office is a double story shop-house.The first floor of the OPUS NMM Southern Region office is consisted of the Region Manager room, the working area with workstations for 15 personnel, a pantry and a hall for workstation and toilets, whilst at the ground floor, it was a meeting room, a store room and  toilets.

The need for additional spaces arises as the addition of new staffs in OPUS NMM Southern Region as part of the NMM restructuring process.

Therefore, a renovation work was carried out at the OPUS NMM Southern Region office Ground Floor area commencing 14th October 2010 and was completed on 26th October 2010. The main objective is to increase the work stations to accommodate more personnel.

The renovation works that has been carried out were:-

• Area for a minimum 4 staff workstations provided with new floor tiles,

• An enlargement area for the meeting room,

• A guest area which includes a sofa set and a book cabinet,

• A proper store room,

• New automatic roller-shutter installed at the front door and

• New glass door with window installed as a new access to the office

With the renovation, it is hopeful that the staff will become more spirited and rejuvenated that their work will become much more better and the working environment improved.

In 2007 NMM Southern was picked as the “Best Premises” among  OPUS’s Group offices and in 2010, it is hopeful that NMM Southern office will be top again in the “Best Premises” competition.

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OPUS NMM Southern Hari Raya Open House

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OPUS NMM Southern Hari Raya Open House

“Was a tremendous success thanks to the organizing committee

    and all OPUS NMM Southern staff who participated”

 Date     : Friday, 24th September 2010

Time     : 2.30pm until 5.30pm

Venue   : PLUS Southern Region Office parking lot

Main Dishes: “Bubur caca Yong Peng” and “Tepung Pelita Perling”

All Muslims come in their full “Hari Raya” attire



On 24th September 2010, PLUS Southern Region hosted a Hari Raya Open House and it took place at the PLUS Southern Region parking lot. OPUS was given an opportunity to participate and handed open one stall from the 15 stalls provided. About 600 staff and surrounded civilians attending the event, mostly the UEM Group of companies’ staff.

The objective was to flourish the festive mood as the guests enjoyed the ‘family gathering’ – making new friends and renewing old ties that may been faded. 

OPUS NMM Southern had been responsible to provide a variety of desert such Yong Peng bubur Caca, variety of malay cakes and Hari Raya cookies, curry puffs, various fruit, wajik and dodol and mostly special order from Taman Perling Johor Bahru “Tepung Pelita Perling” that got rave. Not forgotten other participants beside OPUS provided traditional dishes such of nasi minyak, rendang daging, ayam masak merah, dalca sayur,acar rampai, nasi impit with masak lodeh and kuah kacang, fried noodles with sambal sotong.

OPUS NMM Southern managed to win 5th place in the creative and attracting premise competition organized by the host. First place was taken by PLUS Southern Region. It was a joyous and hearts warming get-together with fellow and a good opportunity to introduce our company to surrounded guests.

Not forgotten, our Project Director, Tn Hj Mohd Pauzi Ismail for approving the budget for this event

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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NMM Southern Family Day 2010 at Gambang Resort City

NMM Southern has geared up to gather all family members at Gambang Resort City as the Annual Family gathering for the year 2010…

The main objectives of this event is to strengthen the camaraderie and enjoy the activities. In addition, the Gambang Resort City offered an enjoyable and exciting water related activities to the kids and adults…

This 2010 annual family gathering was different from previous event as we welcome a new Southern NMM family members, En Ezrii Rumin and his beloved wife and daughter.

The photos attached depicts the happiness as the smiling faces of the Opus Southern NMM members largely shown during the activities done at Gambang Resort City.

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Our Sections

Our Southern Region Office is located at Yong Peng, Johor. It is in the center of Southern Region. Southern Region is stretched from Km 263.5 to Km 0.0 of the North South Expressways , and Km 0.0 to 29.4 of the Seremban Port Dickson (SPDH) Expressways and from Km 0.00 to km 35.0 at the Linkedua expressways.

The maintenance teams are split up to five sectional offices for ease of maintenance and control. The five sections are:-

1. Section  1   PLUS   Km 263.5 to Km 217.3

(Seremban to Simpang Ampat)-(Section Office at Pedas)  – Length 46.2 km

2. Section 1    SPDH  Km 0.0 to Km 29.4
(Section Office at Pedas) – Length 29.4 km

3. Section S2  PLUS Km 217.3 to Km 140.5

(Simpang Ampat to Pagoh)-(Section Office at Tangkak) – Length 76.8 km

4. Section 3    PLUS Km 140.5 to Km 72.00

( Pagoh to Machap)-(Section Office at Yong Peng) – Length 68.50 km

5. Section 4     PLUS Km 72 to Km 12.60

(Machap to Skudai)-(Section Office at Sedenak)-Length 59.40 km

6. Section 5     PLUS km 12.60 to km 0.00

( Skudai to Pandan)- (Section Office at Linkedua)- Length 12.60 km

7. Section 5  Linkedua

(Segment A (Tuas to Lima Kedai), Segment B (Lima Kedai to Senai Airport Interchange), Segment C (Pulai Interchange to Taman Perling)) -(Section Office at Linkedua) – Length 44km

Our office is situated at the semi-urban town of Yong Peng in tandem with Plus Regional Office at Yong Peng to facilitate fast and ease of communication with the Client.

For overall view of the Expressways Map, Please click the following Link

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Network Maintenance Management

Expressways and highways will require continuous maintenance to ensure the road functional and structural capability are preserved and increase the life span of the roads. This will ensure a safe, comfortable and reliable and efficient movement of the traffics at all times.

The expressways elements such as carriageways surfaces, shoulders, road verges and slopes, drainage facilities, bridges, tunnels, signs markings, lightings and all other fixtures need to be identified to ensure that a proper programme of maintenance that offset the effects of weather, environments, organic and inorganic growth, deterioration, wear and tear, material fatigues and failures and damage due to vandalism are dealt with in a professional and strategic manner.

In view of the challenging environment where profit maximization is the cliché to ensure the running of the expressways is contributing to the existence of the organization, a proper planning and scheduling that include budget development, manpower, materials, tools, equipments, research and development are established to sustain the profitability of the company.

It is where the existence of Network Maintenance Manager is crucial for an expressway.

a. Network Planning
The NMMs specify and manage periodic data collection, storage and updating
Verify relevant routine maintenance and project data provided by others
Develop maintenance intervention strategies
b. Detail Programming
Produce Long Term Forward Works Programme (5 to 10 years)
Provide detailed annual and medium term programme of treatment and/or repair work
Establish cost estimates and reconcile network level schedule and budget
c. Conduct periodic inspections
Periodical inspections of slopes, pavement, drainage, tunnels, bridges in line with the requirement of the particular expressways’ Concession Agreement
Provide suitable condition reports to concession holders.
Conduct special inspections of works where faults has been notified
Provide annual report on network condition.

d. Maintenance Contract/Work Orders
Identify and prioritize as well as programmed work into different contracts and establish work orders.
Prepare design and technical specifications of projects.
Establish and recommend consultants or specialist where work exceed expected threshold.
Assist in evaluation of consultants and audit consultant output Project Management.
e. Project Implementation
Project progress monitoring and reporting.
Cost Monitoring and reporting.
Technical supervision and quality assurance of the contractors work for projects below threshold.
Technical audit of appointed consultant’s quality assurance and contractors work.
Technical review of the as-built information.
f. Third Party Works
Review and recommend any development of the third party activities adjacent to the expressways.
Assist in presentation of any material related to technical assessment of the third party activities to authorities especially Malaysian Highway Authorities.
Provide immediate technical advice and manage any repair work to any emergency cases on the expressways.

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Inspections of the assets are conducted by Periodic Inspectors. Through asset inspections that are undertaken periodically, the NMM project team identifies the signs and symptoms of defects of these assets. With this information, strategies and remedial measures are formulated and implemented to ensure the serviceability of the expressways
Inspection teams comprise a minimum of two inspectors, as they must be able to handle any emergency situations independently and get help when required.

These inspectors are required to fill in the specific forms as has been established to suit to the database requirement, and upon identification of defect, classification of the defect can be categorized as follows: –

a. Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance covers grass maintenance, drainage maintenance, landscaping maintenance and miscellaneous maintenance.

Grass Maintenance includes grass cutting that is cyclical in nature and also includes removal of unwanted weeds.
Drainage Maintenance is to ensure free flow of water at all times. Thus drainage maintenance consists of desilting and cleaning of all surface drainage facilities, sumps, culverts horizontal drains, etc.
Landscape maintenance covers watering, pruning, trimming and restoration of plants.
Regrading of shoulders, maintenance of pavement markings, bridge parapets, cleaning of traffic signs, road surface, signposts and tunnel lining and repainting of buildings are included into miscellaneous maintenance.

b. Curative Maintenance and Repair Works

Any damage which are identified during the inspections, an assessments and analysis in relation to the required repair work to be carried out shall be programmed and strategize to ensure the suitability to the budget but not forgetting safety and comfort to road users.

Any imminent danger to road users, immediate repair work must be carried out. There are, however different indicators or threshold that is being outlined by the Malaysia Highway Authority that has to be adapted in outlining the programme. The defect is therefore re-prioritize before implementation.
The criteria of specific assets for the defects found during inspection may be based on the following: –

Pavement- Cracking, rutting, undulation, potholes, delaminating, settlement and riding comfort.

Slope-Slips, slides, erosion, scouring, cracks, movement (vertical and or horizontal) and falling stones/rocks.

Drainage-Cracks, settlements/movements, degradation of joints, collapse of drain sections, loss/broken drain, wing walls, disintegration of stone pitching, erosion of unlined drains.

Structure-Settlement,movements, splitting/tearing/bulging/flattening of bearings, joints, etc.

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What we do

1. Establishment of Assets

First and foremost, the assets on the Expressways are to be known and established by identifying the through the followings:

a. Construction drawings
b. As-built drawings
c. Visual inspection on site
d. Aerial Inspections

The quantity of assets are thereafter established which shall includes the length, width and height of slopes, pavement and drainage as well as bridges and tunnels.

2. Identification of Assets and Ranking

Upon completion of the establishment of the assets, they are all tagged or being given specific identification. These are all being input into a database systems which will comprise all the description of the assets that includes sketches, photographs, geological description of the soils, basic geometry data,accessibility and defects as found during the inspections.

In PLUS, a TEMAN database (Total Expressways Management Systems) which can be subdivided into ESMaS (for slope), BMMS (for bridge), DMMS (for drainage) and HDM-4 (for Pavement) has been established.

After collection of the above basic data, a prioritization is established to streamline the frequency of inspections. In relations to slope inspections they are ranked as follows:

a. AA Slope – Very High Risk, frequency of inspections is a 4-month cycle
b. A Slope – High Risk, frequency of inspections is a 6-month cycle
c. B Slope – Medium Risk, frequency of inspections is a 12-month cycle
d. C Slope – Low risk, frequency of inspections is an 18-month cycle.