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Inspections of the assets are conducted by Periodic Inspectors. Through asset inspections that are undertaken periodically, the NMM project team identifies the signs and symptoms of defects of these assets. With this information, strategies and remedial measures are formulated and implemented to ensure the serviceability of the expressways
Inspection teams comprise a minimum of two inspectors, as they must be able to handle any emergency situations independently and get help when required.

These inspectors are required to fill in the specific forms as has been established to suit to the database requirement, and upon identification of defect, classification of the defect can be categorized as follows: –

a. Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance covers grass maintenance, drainage maintenance, landscaping maintenance and miscellaneous maintenance.

Grass Maintenance includes grass cutting that is cyclical in nature and also includes removal of unwanted weeds.
Drainage Maintenance is to ensure free flow of water at all times. Thus drainage maintenance consists of desilting and cleaning of all surface drainage facilities, sumps, culverts horizontal drains, etc.
Landscape maintenance covers watering, pruning, trimming and restoration of plants.
Regrading of shoulders, maintenance of pavement markings, bridge parapets, cleaning of traffic signs, road surface, signposts and tunnel lining and repainting of buildings are included into miscellaneous maintenance.

b. Curative Maintenance and Repair Works

Any damage which are identified during the inspections, an assessments and analysis in relation to the required repair work to be carried out shall be programmed and strategize to ensure the suitability to the budget but not forgetting safety and comfort to road users.

Any imminent danger to road users, immediate repair work must be carried out. There are, however different indicators or threshold that is being outlined by the Malaysia Highway Authority that has to be adapted in outlining the programme. The defect is therefore re-prioritize before implementation.
The criteria of specific assets for the defects found during inspection may be based on the following: –

Pavement- Cracking, rutting, undulation, potholes, delaminating, settlement and riding comfort.

Slope-Slips, slides, erosion, scouring, cracks, movement (vertical and or horizontal) and falling stones/rocks.

Drainage-Cracks, settlements/movements, degradation of joints, collapse of drain sections, loss/broken drain, wing walls, disintegration of stone pitching, erosion of unlined drains.

Structure-Settlement,movements, splitting/tearing/bulging/flattening of bearings, joints, etc.


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