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Network Maintenance Management

Expressways and highways will require continuous maintenance to ensure the road functional and structural capability are preserved and increase the life span of the roads. This will ensure a safe, comfortable and reliable and efficient movement of the traffics at all times.

The expressways elements such as carriageways surfaces, shoulders, road verges and slopes, drainage facilities, bridges, tunnels, signs markings, lightings and all other fixtures need to be identified to ensure that a proper programme of maintenance that offset the effects of weather, environments, organic and inorganic growth, deterioration, wear and tear, material fatigues and failures and damage due to vandalism are dealt with in a professional and strategic manner.

In view of the challenging environment where profit maximization is the cliché to ensure the running of the expressways is contributing to the existence of the organization, a proper planning and scheduling that include budget development, manpower, materials, tools, equipments, research and development are established to sustain the profitability of the company.

It is where the existence of Network Maintenance Manager is crucial for an expressway.

a. Network Planning
The NMMs specify and manage periodic data collection, storage and updating
Verify relevant routine maintenance and project data provided by others
Develop maintenance intervention strategies
b. Detail Programming
Produce Long Term Forward Works Programme (5 to 10 years)
Provide detailed annual and medium term programme of treatment and/or repair work
Establish cost estimates and reconcile network level schedule and budget
c. Conduct periodic inspections
Periodical inspections of slopes, pavement, drainage, tunnels, bridges in line with the requirement of the particular expressways’ Concession Agreement
Provide suitable condition reports to concession holders.
Conduct special inspections of works where faults has been notified
Provide annual report on network condition.

d. Maintenance Contract/Work Orders
Identify and prioritize as well as programmed work into different contracts and establish work orders.
Prepare design and technical specifications of projects.
Establish and recommend consultants or specialist where work exceed expected threshold.
Assist in evaluation of consultants and audit consultant output Project Management.
e. Project Implementation
Project progress monitoring and reporting.
Cost Monitoring and reporting.
Technical supervision and quality assurance of the contractors work for projects below threshold.
Technical audit of appointed consultant’s quality assurance and contractors work.
Technical review of the as-built information.
f. Third Party Works
Review and recommend any development of the third party activities adjacent to the expressways.
Assist in presentation of any material related to technical assessment of the third party activities to authorities especially Malaysian Highway Authorities.
Provide immediate technical advice and manage any repair work to any emergency cases on the expressways.



  1. What is the different between expressway and highways.

    what tools and equipment that was established. normaly testing company have the tools and equipment. for NMM only basis measurement tools.
    there is no research and development established in the maintenance as far that it is noticed.

    specification is as per established standar

    work under contract programmed and work order is 2 different scope of works

    what is the meaning project below threshold.

    did we carry out technical review on the as-built information or should it joint site measurement

    did we recommend any development of the third party and do we assit in presentation of any material related to technical assessment of the third party activities. should this be the scope of third party developer.

  2. ” So many comments, dude!”

    a. The highest level of major roads in Malaysia, expressway (lebuhraya), has full access control, grade separated junctions, and mostly tolled. The expressways link the major state capitals in Peninsular Malaysia and major cities in Klang Valley.

    Highway is lower level with limited access control, some at-grade junctions or roundabouts, and generally with 2 lanes in each separated direction. These are generally untolled and funded by the federal government, hence the first one is called Federal Highway linking Klang and Kuala Lumpur.(wikipedia)

    b. For asset identification and inspection, no extraordinary tools are required. But for repair and rehabilitation, some sort of sophisticated tools may be required.

    c. Requirements: The extent to which a mission or function must be executed; generally measured in terms of quantity, quality, coverage, timeliness or readiness

    Specifications: Specifications may be written by government agencies, standards organizations (ASTM, ISO, CEN, etc), trade associations, corporations, and others.

    d. Scope of works for Work Order and Project are normally similar. To repair slopes and to repair pavement will use similar SOW. However, it is the method of implementation of the contract (both project and WO are contract)which is different.

    e. Threshold:-
    The minimum amount to have a particular effect, e.g.: The tax-free threshold: the income at which income tax becomes due.

    f. As-built on historical data is an organizational process assets. The data baseline can be acquired by either as-built information and confirmation with on-foot identification.

    g. We carry out Heliride Inspection to identify Third Party activities. Should the activities not in tandem with the database we have on Third Party Activities (we have a specific department on this, eh?), we will highlight to PEB. Anyway the heliride will incorporate all this.

    Walla, done!

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