Posted by: southernnmm | February 12, 2009

Our Sections

Our Southern Region Office is located at Yong Peng, Johor. It is in the center of Southern Region. Southern Region is stretched from Km 263.5 to Km 0.0 of the North South Expressways , and Km 0.0 to 29.4 of the Seremban Port Dickson (SPDH) Expressways and from Km 0.00 to km 35.0 at the Linkedua expressways.

The maintenance teams are split up to five sectional offices for ease of maintenance and control. The five sections are:-

1. Section  1   PLUS   Km 263.5 to Km 217.3

(Seremban to Simpang Ampat)-(Section Office at Pedas)  – Length 46.2 km

2. Section 1    SPDH  Km 0.0 to Km 29.4
(Section Office at Pedas) – Length 29.4 km

3. Section S2  PLUS Km 217.3 to Km 140.5

(Simpang Ampat to Pagoh)-(Section Office at Tangkak) – Length 76.8 km

4. Section 3    PLUS Km 140.5 to Km 72.00

( Pagoh to Machap)-(Section Office at Yong Peng) – Length 68.50 km

5. Section 4     PLUS Km 72 to Km 12.60

(Machap to Skudai)-(Section Office at Sedenak)-Length 59.40 km

6. Section 5     PLUS km 12.60 to km 0.00

( Skudai to Pandan)- (Section Office at Linkedua)- Length 12.60 km

7. Section 5  Linkedua

(Segment A (Tuas to Lima Kedai), Segment B (Lima Kedai to Senai Airport Interchange), Segment C (Pulai Interchange to Taman Perling)) -(Section Office at Linkedua) – Length 44km

Our office is situated at the semi-urban town of Yong Peng in tandem with Plus Regional Office at Yong Peng to facilitate fast and ease of communication with the Client.

For overall view of the Expressways Map, Please click the following Link



  1. nak ber email dengan en zul tp tak tahu personal email. kawan lama. hand phone pun dah hilang

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