Posted by: southernnmm | November 11, 2010

OPUS NMM Southern New Office

Opus NMM Southern office is a double story shop-house.The first floor of the OPUS NMM Southern Region office is consisted of the Region Manager room, the working area with workstations for 15 personnel, a pantry and a hall for workstation and toilets, whilst at the ground floor, it was a meeting room, a store room and  toilets.

The need for additional spaces arises as the addition of new staffs in OPUS NMM Southern Region as part of the NMM restructuring process.

Therefore, a renovation work was carried out at the OPUS NMM Southern Region office Ground Floor area commencing 14th October 2010 and was completed on 26th October 2010. The main objective is to increase the work stations to accommodate more personnel.

The renovation works that has been carried out were:-

• Area for a minimum 4 staff workstations provided with new floor tiles,

• An enlargement area for the meeting room,

• A guest area which includes a sofa set and a book cabinet,

• A proper store room,

• New automatic roller-shutter installed at the front door and

• New glass door with window installed as a new access to the office

With the renovation, it is hopeful that the staff will become more spirited and rejuvenated that their work will become much more better and the working environment improved.

In 2007 NMM Southern was picked as the “Best Premises” among  OPUS’s Group offices and in 2010, it is hopeful that NMM Southern office will be top again in the “Best Premises” competition.

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