Posted by: southernnmm | August 17, 2011

NMM Southern Family Day at Cherating Bay Resort , 2-3 July 2011

We were certainly back in town again!  NMM Southern had geared up to gather all the family members at the Cherating Bay Resort, Pahang as the Annual Family gathering spot for the year of 2011…

The main objective of this event is to strengthen the comradeship between staffs and family members. Accompanied by the soothe sea breeze of the South China Sea , the  Cherating Bay Resort promises a unique experience that cheers and excites everyone in enjoying the beach activities.

This latest annual family gathering can be said dissimilar form the previous years in terms of the participants and the activities . This year family day is welcome 4 new member  in the company plus a newly bride, Khairul Faizal Sepian and his beloved wife to join together and enliven the gathering. There are many exciting activities and games such as ‘Terompah Gergasi’, Beach soccer, Tug of War, Coconut Bowling and ‘Egg Throwing’ been  planned for the staffs, spouse and children.

There were a lot of fun and hell broke loose in the day.  The competitions were between the sports committee and social committee of the SRO office. In the end, the Sports Committee Team overwhelmed the Social Committee Team and emerged as overall champion with an aggregate 3-1.

During the night, a Barbeque dinner with lots of food were served. In addition, a  karaoke contest was organized to uncover the hidden talents of the NMM SRO employees and all staff are ‘forced’  to participate in it. Melodious song were rendered, though some husky and plait voices were heard that night, everybody seems enjoying the event. Lucky draws were also held and Mahizan was the luckiest with an “Oven” to remember..and last but not least, Abdul Rahim Shafie, our Contract Manager was the best singer of the night…

The photos attached shown happy and satisfied faces of each and every one of the Opus Southern NMM’s member during the activities that were held in the Cherating Bay Resort on 2-3 July 2011..Hopefully another Family Day outing will be planned next year…See Ya in 2012!

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