The Articles available are-


2. Culvert Maintenance

3. Flexible Pavement Maintenance

4. How-To-Buy-A-Car

5. The effect of compaction on soil properties and slope fill performance

6. Microsurfacing and Thin Layer pavement



  1. congratulation on the new launching of the southern blog. with this blog there will be more of greatness in sharing knowledge and wisdom of though.

  2. Congratulation…..very impressive and informative

  3. To moderator…

    How do i can contribute my thought in the article column?…just nak sharing knowledge 🙂

  4. “Please inform MNK”

  5. to promote nmm works , tapi gambar blog luar negeri.

  6. ” but opus is an International organization”

  7. Well done….lead the way and others will follow.

  8. TQ

  9. are all comment published

  10. ” Comments that lead to improvement will be considered”

  11. Bagus articles dalam ni untuk menambah ilmu. Semuga dapat manafaat dan usaha ni dapat sokongan semua staff dalam mempelbagai articles untuk dimuatkan.

  12. Bagus la tu… nak carik opus intra.. dapat pulak opus south.. good job guys! nice information on what’s happening down south.

  13. Yep, will update from time to time

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