Sports Club

The SRO Sports Club was established in 2002.

The formation of the Sports Club is to ensure the camaraderie amongst staff and their families as well in becoming a close knit “family” relationship. This is also to ensure the Malay proverb of “yang berat sama di pikul dan yang ringan sama dijinjing” is realized.

The members contribute a petty sum every month and some of the activities arranged are Family Day,Family Gathering, Sports and other beneficial get-together.

The Office Bearers are:-

Patron: Ir Zulkhairi Hasan
Secretary: Siti Aishah Ridzuan
Treasurer: Ramlah Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahim Mohd Shafie
Gunasekaran Danislas Pillai
Zulkifle Othman
Mohd Noh Kormin
Md Yusof Talip
Mohd Sahril Dolhadi
Khairul Faizal Sepian
Mohd Haizullah Ibrahim
Mohd Helmie Mad Dalan
Basri Hussin
Zunaiddy Mohd Zin
Satyaanandha Rao Sanasi
Muhammad Ezrii Rumin
Koh Chi Kwi


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